Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another week to bum around

I was surprised to recieve text messages tonight regarding the suspension of classes for 10 days. We are unlucky that the Medicine building will be closed and that classes for all other Colleges will not be affected for some unknown reason, which I guess is another H1N1 case yet to hit the campus. It is weird that even the Central Student Council has yet to know the reason behind this. Its not a good evening after all since I just arrived at my pad and has been reading diligently during the weekend and then this fucking virus came. I cannot imagine how terrible our sked will be for the coming weeks! does this mean I have to say goodbye to my ever anticipated vacation abroad during our sembreak?woah!!! I have an assumption that these foreign student freaks and the filamerican boogers were the culprits. Wondering what I can do for 10 days, I made a partial list of must DO's:

- watch the most anticipated movie transformers II!and harry potter!
- sleep, eat, and watch tv series greys anatomy
- play bowling with my bestfriend:)
- sleep, eat, and watch gossip girl
- set an appointment with my stupid dentist;x
- sleep, eat, and do some movie marathon
- pigout with my most loved subsec mates!
- waste time downloading all the med files for second year...
- sleep, eat , and watch heroes
- go out on a date with M, E, B, or R...and let him pay the bill;D
- attend the photowalk tours and studio shoots with my photography buddies
- then why not do advance reading for pharmacology, surgery, among others. ehem ehem

Saturday, June 20, 2009

random thoughts...

I just recieved a sad text message from a friend bidding her bitter goodbyes to us. As I read her text message, I recall her sweet smiles, mannerisms, haunting voice, and her uniqueness. She was a good subsection leader(one of the most unselfish people I have met), my long lost sister,my movie buddy(watching cheesy pinoy movies), and one of my best pigging out partners. I am missing her so much! It was a heartbreaking moment when I said my last goodbye to her after we met up with her the other day. I just imagined that life is too unfair for her as she was also recently diagnosed of having ovarian cysts and needs urgent operation abroad. I was eager to hug her that moment and was about to cry like a toddler but felt it would only make her much sad and so I just made jokes over her condition. “So who’s the daddy?”, I told her, and she was there picking on me as usual and that sweet smile made my day again. These were the last few moments I enjoyed with her but still Im wishing her comeback next year. I wish that she would have a successful operation abroad and welcome a healthy friend next year. I will miss her...


I am writing this blog post in my gloomy pad as I am back to the stressful life of a medical student who chose to kill his social life, substitute his drinking sessions to cups of coffee, miss episodes of his favorite TV series and watch over instructional videos and powerpoint presentations instead, among others. If only these walls of my room could talk it will be sharing with my sentiments and share my deepest secrets. He was a witness when I cried over Sam when we broke up and got myself insane, saw me jumping with joy on how I manage to survive my first year in med school, and heard my everyday rants when I was having family problem issues. If only these walls could talk...


I saw my crush today he still looks hot and boastful as usual which made it more interesting;) However, I wonder why I always see him as a loner and how he proudly wears this ugly thick moustache that gave him this mafia look;p I wish I could have him but I think he is quite sure of his preference. I also noticed he has been working on his body he looked pumped, dirty, and ready to dive his way into me haha whatever I just feel weird today..infatuation I suppose..


Friday, June 5, 2009

use your admirers wisely


I know this blog post will offend someone who is in the situation as to admiring someone who apparently just wants him for something. Sorry but I just want to share my personal experiences with them, I might inspire someone from this blog post, or make someone realize how stupid he is, or even make someones life easier I suppose...I am an ordinary guy who just got lucky to have admirers. I am not bragging about it I am even surprised I have a few admirers despite of my flaws. Sometimes I would want to turn them down but I know the feeling of being rejected and cursed. I was in the same situation a few years before during my premed years. I have been hurt too by a lot of people too and then when they realize its already late. Sometimes you get into situations you cannot handle and then you either let them be or the only thing to do is escape right? You might not understand but really I don't want to be like the bad guys so I make my admirers stay and know me well. I make friends with them and even reward them and let them feel a spark of hope. One must just master the art of making someone feel he would be having you soon but not too much that it will make them feel comfortable. You must let them realize that theres a long way to go and that the fastest sperm wins(competition) before they lay their hands on you. Admirers can help you more in some ways a real boyfriend cannot do for you, that is why staying single is a good choice and investment. You get to be with different men without any attachment and issues. You have time for yourself and you do not sacrifice anything and then regret it afterward. Being single also gives you an opportunity to meet other people and then realize you are meeting better guys than your ex-boyfriends. Basically, it gives you more time to collect and select without feeling any guilt and enjoy your independence! Yoohoo! Learn to commit to yourself and not just to anyone or anything. You don't want to be a slave to every man dont you? Your goal here is not to put people off or even make it seem that you incapable of having a commitment. I have been playing this game with perfection lately, you need to stir the pot, excite interest, and lure your admirers and other people with the possibility of having you. Watch them as they pursue you and you become the master bwahaha be continued P.S. violent reactions are welcome

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bye Bye Photography

-Three to four weeks left before our first day of class as second years-
I already arranged my sisters old books and handouts. As i see it, every year it gets thicker and complicated. Yoohoo! Good thing I took medical technology as my premed course so hopefully I will have less time reviewing microbiology(w/ mycology & virology), parasitology, and clinical pathology. Also, this summer I have been reviewing for the boards reading again the flagellates, amoebas, viruses, and the likes. However, I wonder if I can handle the stress of reviewing for my boards and med school at the same time since our board exams will be on September.


My parents told me to bid goodbye to my camera as soon as our class starts (and focus on med school) which means no more fucking good times with my new photographer friends and photowalk/roadtrip buddies. Anyway, two months of taking photography classes and spending hours doing shoots have been productive and fun. Surely it will not be my last time to venture into photography, if I have long weekend holidays during class days still I will be giving ample time taking photos. The sad part is I am limited usually to just take photos during lunchouts with friends and birthdays and say no to days/weeks of travel, hiking, and roadtripping.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

3 years left before MD

weee!I passed my first year in med school!Today is the happiest moment of my boring life!Thank you Lord for everything:) second year here I come!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Summer woot woots

In just a few days I will be attending summer classes in photography and culinary. Yep, you heard it right since I had nothing much to do this summer and my family are leaving for California tomorrow:'( The culprit is my expired US visa argg!(wish me luck this Wednesday) I had no choice but to splurge and enroll myself to the things I love to waste my ample time. I am so excited! Lately, I have familiarized myself with photo editing programs such as Photomatix, Lightroom, and the reliable Adobe Photoshop and read myriad books and websites on photography. Landscape and portrait Photography are the ones that I'm more interested because of good photographers like Ansel Adams. The problem with me is that I also love architechture, photojournalism, and macro photography. Speaking of Portraits, one of these days I'll be asking anyone for a photoshoot. It's a win-win situation, I get to practice my photography skills and you get a photoshoot for free!Cool ayt?

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today is the second day of my long awaited summer vacation and so I just had my derma and dental appointment. At last, I am in control of my time yet I am in a brink of failing in school. I mean as I enjoy the first few days of my vacation, the doctors are preparing for the horrible lists of those who will have their remedials(removals) or worse the failures. I have one course(subject) that I have not done my best because of what happened(im frustrated, we stopped dating for some irrelevant reason). I have been trying every way to feel numb to all of this because I'm so freaking tired of assuming and computing how my final grade will turn out and thinking of that pervert. Sadly I can't forget school, the results will really change my life forever and forever I will not or do regret it.

Last week we had our 3rd gruesome week of exams and it's not good. It's so exhausting, our body got beaten, and some dreams were shattered like a friend who asked me to compute for her grades but to her dismay she failed. She's one of the few good people in med school that I became close with and I don't want to loose her. As a good friend, I gave her time to reflect and cry but later on gave her such advice. She started saying stuff like she's not made for it(to be a doctor) and it might be a sign that she should quit med school. I told her that even though she failed she will still be a good doctor in the end, doctors are not made but born. I even asked her what will she be if she's not going to be a doctor? She's a BS Biology graduate..I'm not mean so to those who are offended stop reading my blog. I'm just telling the truth here and it's just an opinion. Come on what will she be?a teacher?a med representative?a callgirl?

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Im back to dating

After a year of heartaches and bitter goodbyes, I think I got enough and so I'm officially back to dating. I have decided that I should be opening my doors this time so that the potential to meet a future lover would not be bleak. I started it after I agreed to meet my online buddy Siopao;)Thank Heavens I never thought my Siopao's so good-looking and I really like it when my siopao smiles back at me. I seriously wanted to have a lover like Siopao. Siopao has everything that I'm looking for in a lover. I mean, Siopao's smart, chinky eyed, a bit naughty, sweet, and good-looking. OMG! Siopao even offered to accompany me to my pad before going back to class and sent me a message that goes like this "Ang cute mo, pwede na ba ko sayo?" OMG! The fact that Siopao's a second year medical student and schoolmate makes me blush already for I always see Siopao in our building. I think I'm now ready to be in a relationship after a year of soberness. Besides, I haven't flirted enough and I really miss hugging somebody. My February has not been bad at all. I just hope Siopao is the one I'm waiting for, the one who would sweep me off my feet;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sleep All Day

Sleeping is a bad habit for med students. If you sleep at least or more than 8 hours you’ll probably flunk in your exams unless you’re lucky enough that almost all your guesses are right. My bad study habits ain’t funny anymore I really need to work things out especially now that we barely have 2 months before this toxic school year ends.
My best friend made fun of me again because of my so-called sleeping habits. Again, I told him last time to wake me up early in the morning(around 2/3am) for me to cram for our exams the next day or else I’ll be kicking his big fat ass. However, my so called “bestfriend” told me that he doesn't have a choice and that I always give him a good laugh whenever he wakes me up. He has three assumptions of what I usually do: 1. I usually don’t wake up at all! my snores are way louder than my cellphone ringtone or stupid of me again to set it to silent mode, 2. I will probably text him indecipherable messages as a reply, or 3. I will instantly answer my mobile phone and utter yes many times for him to just shut up and let me snooze. I was laughing crazy when I realized he was right and how I relentlessly blame him whenever I flunk an exam. ROFL. It was hard for him to believe that I will really wake up and study this time. He said he was sure that I can wake up but not sure if I can stay awake.zzzzzz... However, tonight I’m pretty sure I will start to hate sleeping, only until March ends!lol...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Death to all user-friendly pips

Im fucking pissed off!RAWR!!!!!:$

Anyways, I once asked a friend why she's into blogging and she said it was an outlet for her(emotions). It is a stress reliever and a web archive to remind you of both your awful and worth remembering day-to-day experiences. So I am here to blog about my bitchy blockmates who made my day today. Yahoo! They are the typical user-friendly friends aka parasites you'll meet more than once in your school/college life. How pathetic that they are only after your handouts, reviewers, books, papers, among others for them to survive. I had too much and a while ago I cannot handle it anymore so there my temper bloated it out. I promised myself that starting today I will never talk to them that much anymore yet greet them only when needed. I wont even share my stuff anymore and treat them as competitors. I once read a book and it said that one must learn to use his enemies. If you do not have enemies, find a way and try to make one. I realized one thing I should not be so generous and concern for my other blockmates. They will never help you or in any way make you forget once you fail. They only care about themselves and always remember that you only have yourself to back you up. I am a super friendly person and so gaining/collecting new friends can be easy and so I am never afraid of losing other friends. Even your "barkada" might be your future enemies so never believe that they will stay asyour best friends forever. Friends come and go as the saying goes so be wary for they will betray you more quickly for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. Never put too much trust in your friends for they often agree on things only to avoid an argument. As for moi, my only bestfriends are my siblings for they will never leave you come what may...they will accept you for what you are and forgive you always.

DEATH TO ALL USER-FRIENDLY PIPS!!!!!!!(sorry for being morbid lol, again this is just my outlet for my emotions)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Katy Perry sucks!

I do love Katy Perry especially her "Hot n Cold" single. I was then excited to watch her live ona major concert here or abroad and even on TV. However, I was surprised and started not to like her after watching her live performances on YouTube Awards and lately at the Nrj Music Awards. She really sucks live! Her voice sucks!!!OMG!stigma! if only I was her manager I'd rather tell her to lipsynch and save herself from disgrace!

Here are the two worst performances of Katy Perry!Enjoy!

Goodbye Kimchi

It’s been two awful years since you left me

It really took a while before my heart stop beating for you

I am now taking a profession that labours incessantly to destroy its own existence

Drowned in medical books and papers that I’m trying to be devoted to

I am used to live without you now

Still trying not to think about you

But bitter sweet memories we’ve shared still haunts me when I’m alone sometimes

How I miss hanging out with you,

ending the day doing nothing makes me feel complete just being beside you

I must not want you anymore and I hate myself for I am missing you

I badly want to curse you, hate you, and wish you bad luck

But I remember the times when my heart used to beat faster than ever,

the comfort of your cuddling arms,

your adorable gazes when you look into my eyes,

and your warm kisses that made me love you more

Last time I saw your face was through your online pictures

And there I knew that you already found someone

Still a lost teacher and still dreams of getting married day and night

How pathetic I am to still crave to meet you even if you broke my heart

I did a lot of mistakes when I lost you and cried myriad times but

I just wanted to say something before you go on your own

Tomorrow.....I won’t be missing you....

Goodbye... my hopeless dream....