Saturday, February 28, 2009

Im back to dating

After a year of heartaches and bitter goodbyes, I think I got enough and so I'm officially back to dating. I have decided that I should be opening my doors this time so that the potential to meet a future lover would not be bleak. I started it after I agreed to meet my online buddy Siopao;)Thank Heavens I never thought my Siopao's so good-looking and I really like it when my siopao smiles back at me. I seriously wanted to have a lover like Siopao. Siopao has everything that I'm looking for in a lover. I mean, Siopao's smart, chinky eyed, a bit naughty, sweet, and good-looking. OMG! Siopao even offered to accompany me to my pad before going back to class and sent me a message that goes like this "Ang cute mo, pwede na ba ko sayo?" OMG! The fact that Siopao's a second year medical student and schoolmate makes me blush already for I always see Siopao in our building. I think I'm now ready to be in a relationship after a year of soberness. Besides, I haven't flirted enough and I really miss hugging somebody. My February has not been bad at all. I just hope Siopao is the one I'm waiting for, the one who would sweep me off my feet;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sleep All Day

Sleeping is a bad habit for med students. If you sleep at least or more than 8 hours you’ll probably flunk in your exams unless you’re lucky enough that almost all your guesses are right. My bad study habits ain’t funny anymore I really need to work things out especially now that we barely have 2 months before this toxic school year ends.
My best friend made fun of me again because of my so-called sleeping habits. Again, I told him last time to wake me up early in the morning(around 2/3am) for me to cram for our exams the next day or else I’ll be kicking his big fat ass. However, my so called “bestfriend” told me that he doesn't have a choice and that I always give him a good laugh whenever he wakes me up. He has three assumptions of what I usually do: 1. I usually don’t wake up at all! my snores are way louder than my cellphone ringtone or stupid of me again to set it to silent mode, 2. I will probably text him indecipherable messages as a reply, or 3. I will instantly answer my mobile phone and utter yes many times for him to just shut up and let me snooze. I was laughing crazy when I realized he was right and how I relentlessly blame him whenever I flunk an exam. ROFL. It was hard for him to believe that I will really wake up and study this time. He said he was sure that I can wake up but not sure if I can stay awake.zzzzzz... However, tonight I’m pretty sure I will start to hate sleeping, only until March ends!lol...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Death to all user-friendly pips

Im fucking pissed off!RAWR!!!!!:$

Anyways, I once asked a friend why she's into blogging and she said it was an outlet for her(emotions). It is a stress reliever and a web archive to remind you of both your awful and worth remembering day-to-day experiences. So I am here to blog about my bitchy blockmates who made my day today. Yahoo! They are the typical user-friendly friends aka parasites you'll meet more than once in your school/college life. How pathetic that they are only after your handouts, reviewers, books, papers, among others for them to survive. I had too much and a while ago I cannot handle it anymore so there my temper bloated it out. I promised myself that starting today I will never talk to them that much anymore yet greet them only when needed. I wont even share my stuff anymore and treat them as competitors. I once read a book and it said that one must learn to use his enemies. If you do not have enemies, find a way and try to make one. I realized one thing I should not be so generous and concern for my other blockmates. They will never help you or in any way make you forget once you fail. They only care about themselves and always remember that you only have yourself to back you up. I am a super friendly person and so gaining/collecting new friends can be easy and so I am never afraid of losing other friends. Even your "barkada" might be your future enemies so never believe that they will stay asyour best friends forever. Friends come and go as the saying goes so be wary for they will betray you more quickly for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. Never put too much trust in your friends for they often agree on things only to avoid an argument. As for moi, my only bestfriends are my siblings for they will never leave you come what may...they will accept you for what you are and forgive you always.

DEATH TO ALL USER-FRIENDLY PIPS!!!!!!!(sorry for being morbid lol, again this is just my outlet for my emotions)