Friday, June 5, 2009

use your admirers wisely


I know this blog post will offend someone who is in the situation as to admiring someone who apparently just wants him for something. Sorry but I just want to share my personal experiences with them, I might inspire someone from this blog post, or make someone realize how stupid he is, or even make someones life easier I suppose...I am an ordinary guy who just got lucky to have admirers. I am not bragging about it I am even surprised I have a few admirers despite of my flaws. Sometimes I would want to turn them down but I know the feeling of being rejected and cursed. I was in the same situation a few years before during my premed years. I have been hurt too by a lot of people too and then when they realize its already late. Sometimes you get into situations you cannot handle and then you either let them be or the only thing to do is escape right? You might not understand but really I don't want to be like the bad guys so I make my admirers stay and know me well. I make friends with them and even reward them and let them feel a spark of hope. One must just master the art of making someone feel he would be having you soon but not too much that it will make them feel comfortable. You must let them realize that theres a long way to go and that the fastest sperm wins(competition) before they lay their hands on you. Admirers can help you more in some ways a real boyfriend cannot do for you, that is why staying single is a good choice and investment. You get to be with different men without any attachment and issues. You have time for yourself and you do not sacrifice anything and then regret it afterward. Being single also gives you an opportunity to meet other people and then realize you are meeting better guys than your ex-boyfriends. Basically, it gives you more time to collect and select without feeling any guilt and enjoy your independence! Yoohoo! Learn to commit to yourself and not just to anyone or anything. You don't want to be a slave to every man dont you? Your goal here is not to put people off or even make it seem that you incapable of having a commitment. I have been playing this game with perfection lately, you need to stir the pot, excite interest, and lure your admirers and other people with the possibility of having you. Watch them as they pursue you and you become the master bwahaha be continued P.S. violent reactions are welcome

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