Saturday, June 20, 2009

random thoughts...

I just recieved a sad text message from a friend bidding her bitter goodbyes to us. As I read her text message, I recall her sweet smiles, mannerisms, haunting voice, and her uniqueness. She was a good subsection leader(one of the most unselfish people I have met), my long lost sister,my movie buddy(watching cheesy pinoy movies), and one of my best pigging out partners. I am missing her so much! It was a heartbreaking moment when I said my last goodbye to her after we met up with her the other day. I just imagined that life is too unfair for her as she was also recently diagnosed of having ovarian cysts and needs urgent operation abroad. I was eager to hug her that moment and was about to cry like a toddler but felt it would only make her much sad and so I just made jokes over her condition. “So who’s the daddy?”, I told her, and she was there picking on me as usual and that sweet smile made my day again. These were the last few moments I enjoyed with her but still Im wishing her comeback next year. I wish that she would have a successful operation abroad and welcome a healthy friend next year. I will miss her...


I am writing this blog post in my gloomy pad as I am back to the stressful life of a medical student who chose to kill his social life, substitute his drinking sessions to cups of coffee, miss episodes of his favorite TV series and watch over instructional videos and powerpoint presentations instead, among others. If only these walls of my room could talk it will be sharing with my sentiments and share my deepest secrets. He was a witness when I cried over Sam when we broke up and got myself insane, saw me jumping with joy on how I manage to survive my first year in med school, and heard my everyday rants when I was having family problem issues. If only these walls could talk...


I saw my crush today he still looks hot and boastful as usual which made it more interesting;) However, I wonder why I always see him as a loner and how he proudly wears this ugly thick moustache that gave him this mafia look;p I wish I could have him but I think he is quite sure of his preference. I also noticed he has been working on his body he looked pumped, dirty, and ready to dive his way into me haha whatever I just feel weird today..infatuation I suppose..


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