Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another week to bum around

I was surprised to recieve text messages tonight regarding the suspension of classes for 10 days. We are unlucky that the Medicine building will be closed and that classes for all other Colleges will not be affected for some unknown reason, which I guess is another H1N1 case yet to hit the campus. It is weird that even the Central Student Council has yet to know the reason behind this. Its not a good evening after all since I just arrived at my pad and has been reading diligently during the weekend and then this fucking virus came. I cannot imagine how terrible our sked will be for the coming weeks! does this mean I have to say goodbye to my ever anticipated vacation abroad during our sembreak?woah!!! I have an assumption that these foreign student freaks and the filamerican boogers were the culprits. Wondering what I can do for 10 days, I made a partial list of must DO's:

- watch the most anticipated movie transformers II!and harry potter!
- sleep, eat, and watch tv series greys anatomy
- play bowling with my bestfriend:)
- sleep, eat, and watch gossip girl
- set an appointment with my stupid dentist;x
- sleep, eat, and do some movie marathon
- pigout with my most loved subsec mates!
- waste time downloading all the med files for second year...
- sleep, eat , and watch heroes
- go out on a date with M, E, B, or R...and let him pay the bill;D
- attend the photowalk tours and studio shoots with my photography buddies
- then why not do advance reading for pharmacology, surgery, among others. ehem ehem

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