Friday, February 10, 2012

Here it is...

Its been 3 years since my blog post and from those three years a lot of heartbreaks, hardships, and victories happened that helped me change for the better. I was not able to update my blog since then and I was so preoccupied with cooking, photography, and Language classes, and yeah Medical school who keeps on fucking my life...

Finally,the list for scheduled physical examination prior to medical clerkship has been posted. I am quite anxious yet optimistic and determined that I will be able to pull up my grades in Radiology, Gynecology, and Psychiatry this time to be able to qualify for clerkship. What I am actually afraid of is the final examinations since it would be 20% of our final grades in our yearly subjects. Passing the final examinations will not be as easy as other people will think of. It would require you to read samplexes way beyond 2007, read handouts from June, and at least finish the book from the cover until the last few pages of geekery. In short, one has to master all the yearly subjects in one hell week.

As death March is coming, I am now pressured to start browsing these crappy pile of handouts and samplexes that have cost me 20 burger diets and had transformed my room into becoming a storage room. Oh boy! medical school is really like a roller coaster ride! I just hope I have a special someone I can share my rants and problems with but there she goes with another man... I guess almost all long distance relationships do not last that long. Enough of the drama oh well anyway all I needed this time is the inspiration and determination that I will be able to surpass and qualify for clerkship! go go go elmo!

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