Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bye Bye Photography

-Three to four weeks left before our first day of class as second years-
I already arranged my sisters old books and handouts. As i see it, every year it gets thicker and complicated. Yoohoo! Good thing I took medical technology as my premed course so hopefully I will have less time reviewing microbiology(w/ mycology & virology), parasitology, and clinical pathology. Also, this summer I have been reviewing for the boards reading again the flagellates, amoebas, viruses, and the likes. However, I wonder if I can handle the stress of reviewing for my boards and med school at the same time since our board exams will be on September.


My parents told me to bid goodbye to my camera as soon as our class starts (and focus on med school) which means no more fucking good times with my new photographer friends and photowalk/roadtrip buddies. Anyway, two months of taking photography classes and spending hours doing shoots have been productive and fun. Surely it will not be my last time to venture into photography, if I have long weekend holidays during class days still I will be giving ample time taking photos. The sad part is I am limited usually to just take photos during lunchouts with friends and birthdays and say no to days/weeks of travel, hiking, and roadtripping.