Monday, March 30, 2009

Summer woot woots

In just a few days I will be attending summer classes in photography and culinary. Yep, you heard it right since I had nothing much to do this summer and my family are leaving for California tomorrow:'( The culprit is my expired US visa argg!(wish me luck this Wednesday) I had no choice but to splurge and enroll myself to the things I love to waste my ample time. I am so excited! Lately, I have familiarized myself with photo editing programs such as Photomatix, Lightroom, and the reliable Adobe Photoshop and read myriad books and websites on photography. Landscape and portrait Photography are the ones that I'm more interested because of good photographers like Ansel Adams. The problem with me is that I also love architechture, photojournalism, and macro photography. Speaking of Portraits, one of these days I'll be asking anyone for a photoshoot. It's a win-win situation, I get to practice my photography skills and you get a photoshoot for free!Cool ayt?

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today is the second day of my long awaited summer vacation and so I just had my derma and dental appointment. At last, I am in control of my time yet I am in a brink of failing in school. I mean as I enjoy the first few days of my vacation, the doctors are preparing for the horrible lists of those who will have their remedials(removals) or worse the failures. I have one course(subject) that I have not done my best because of what happened(im frustrated, we stopped dating for some irrelevant reason). I have been trying every way to feel numb to all of this because I'm so freaking tired of assuming and computing how my final grade will turn out and thinking of that pervert. Sadly I can't forget school, the results will really change my life forever and forever I will not or do regret it.

Last week we had our 3rd gruesome week of exams and it's not good. It's so exhausting, our body got beaten, and some dreams were shattered like a friend who asked me to compute for her grades but to her dismay she failed. She's one of the few good people in med school that I became close with and I don't want to loose her. As a good friend, I gave her time to reflect and cry but later on gave her such advice. She started saying stuff like she's not made for it(to be a doctor) and it might be a sign that she should quit med school. I told her that even though she failed she will still be a good doctor in the end, doctors are not made but born. I even asked her what will she be if she's not going to be a doctor? She's a BS Biology graduate..I'm not mean so to those who are offended stop reading my blog. I'm just telling the truth here and it's just an opinion. Come on what will she be?a teacher?a med representative?a callgirl?