Sunday, January 25, 2009

Katy Perry sucks!

I do love Katy Perry especially her "Hot n Cold" single. I was then excited to watch her live ona major concert here or abroad and even on TV. However, I was surprised and started not to like her after watching her live performances on YouTube Awards and lately at the Nrj Music Awards. She really sucks live! Her voice sucks!!!OMG!stigma! if only I was her manager I'd rather tell her to lipsynch and save herself from disgrace!

Here are the two worst performances of Katy Perry!Enjoy!

Goodbye Kimchi

It’s been two awful years since you left me

It really took a while before my heart stop beating for you

I am now taking a profession that labours incessantly to destroy its own existence

Drowned in medical books and papers that I’m trying to be devoted to

I am used to live without you now

Still trying not to think about you

But bitter sweet memories we’ve shared still haunts me when I’m alone sometimes

How I miss hanging out with you,

ending the day doing nothing makes me feel complete just being beside you

I must not want you anymore and I hate myself for I am missing you

I badly want to curse you, hate you, and wish you bad luck

But I remember the times when my heart used to beat faster than ever,

the comfort of your cuddling arms,

your adorable gazes when you look into my eyes,

and your warm kisses that made me love you more

Last time I saw your face was through your online pictures

And there I knew that you already found someone

Still a lost teacher and still dreams of getting married day and night

How pathetic I am to still crave to meet you even if you broke my heart

I did a lot of mistakes when I lost you and cried myriad times but

I just wanted to say something before you go on your own

Tomorrow.....I won’t be missing you....

Goodbye... my hopeless dream....